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ShipSailing DatesDates in St. PetersburgNameMessage
Norwegian Getaway 09/19 - 09/27, 201709/23 - 09/24, 2017Elizabeth Conway We are 2 looking for 4 more for grand slalom
Koningsdam 09/03 - 09/17, 201709/09 - 09/10, 2017Kathy Anderson We are 2 who would like to find others interested in the "Roll Like a Russian" tour on these dates.
Regal Princess 08/29 - 09/09, 201709/04 - 09/05, 2017Mirtha Looking for two people from Regal Princess to share Moscow in one day on August 4 . We have friends that have taken this tour and speak very highly of it.
Norwegian Getaway 09/01 - 09/10, 201709/05 - 09/06, 2017Randi Whalen We are a party of 3, looking for 3 more people for shared 2-day tour in St. Petersburg.
Norwegian Getaway 09/10 - 09/19, 201709/14 - 09/15, 2017Christy Birchard We are a couple from Maui looking for 4 people to join us on the 2 Day "Roll Like a Russian" tour of St. Petersburg, which is a 6 person tour. It looks fabulous!
Norwegian Getaway 09/10 - 09/19, 201709/14 - 09/15, 2017Hsiu Chin I am looking to join a group of 6 on a 2-day tour of St. Petersburg entitled GLITZ AND GLAMOUR.
Norwegian Getaway 09/10 - 09/19, 201709/14 - 09/15, 2017William Grady Hi, we are looking to share a tour with at St. Petersburg. Did you fill up your six person Roll like a Russian tour? We would be interested to join if not.

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