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ShipSailing DatesDates in St. PetersburgNameMessage
Norwegian Getaway 06/12 - 06/25, 201706/16 - 06/17, 2017Di Herbert Hello
We are considering doing a 2 day tour St Peterburg. Are there others doing this tour? Thank you
Serenade of the Seas 06/14 - 06/25, 201706/21 - 06/23, 2017Elaine We are interested in the 3 day intense tour and are looking for other cruisers to join us.
Serenade of the Seas 06/14 - 06/25, 201706/21 - 06/23, 2017Josefina Heello We are 4 pepole who want to joint in a smaller tour for 3 days in st. Petesburg we look a tour in spanish if its posible.

Thank you
Viking Sky 06/03 - 06/17, 201706/06 - 06/07, 2017Sheila Avruch Looking for four other people to join me on a 6 person 2-day tour of St Petersburg with Insider tours--would like to do Roll Like a Russian.
Regal Princess 06/02 - 06/13, 201706/08 - 06/09, 2017Jerry and Anna Borys Looking for 4 people to join a 6 member tour " Roll Like a Russian" of St. Petersburgh. Cost per person for 6 people $229 each USD.
Seven Seas Explorer 06/14 - 06/26, 201706/22 - 06/24, 2017Joyce Skogen Looking for additional persons to join us on a two-day tour of St. Petersburg. Either the "roll like a Russian" the next one up.
Regal Princess 06/24 - 07/05, 201706/30 - 07/01, 2017George Looking for additional couple to join 2 day relax Glitz tour
Seabourn Quest 06/17 - 06/24, 201706/19 - 06/21, 2017Martha & George Moyer We are interested in the grand salom tour with optional gold room at the Hermitage.
Perhaps Fabrege museum evening and ballet evening.
Serenade of the Seas 06/14 - 06/25, 201706/21 - 06/23, 2017Adam We plan on doing a 3-day St Petersburg tour. Our trip might go to the synagogue but not go inside any of the churches. We are looking for other interested people to join us.
Regal Princess 06/24 - 07/05, 201706/30 - 07/01, 2017Dave George,
My wife and I are interested in joining the Glitz and Glamour tour with you.
Norwegian Getaway 06/12 - 06/21, 201706/16 - 06/17, 2017Catherine Wedell Hello, There are four in our party. We can include others if you would like to join us.
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